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 The system definitely puts a friendly and more professional face on our communications, and it allows programs to evaluate each step of their recruitment efforts.  

— Amanda Ostreko, Director of Graduate Enrollment, University of Kansas

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Accurately Identify and Engage Your Prospects

Prospect helps you pinpoint your strongest prospects, capture their attention and keep in touch. With Prospect’s GeoViews® geographical mapping, you have advanced search capabilities to accurately identify prospects, coordinate recruitment travel, and geographically track strategic initiatives. Prospect’s powerful, customized communication tools enable you to maximize results.

Engage More Prospects with Events

Prospect helps you create and coordinate public Events. Track registrations and check in attendees with an intuitive and seamless interface. Fully mobile registration forms and automated Event communications encourage prospect attendance. With Prospect, your attendees are automatically saved as contact profiles, making follow-up communications easier than ever.

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Boost Completion Rates: Make Applying Easy

With Prospect you can provide application forms pre-populated with students’ data, making it faster and more convenient for students to complete their applications. And you can track and encourage their progress. Use Prospect’s self-service reporting tools to store and import data from multiple sources, retrieve communication and contact history, and generate custom reports.

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See the Data You Need, When You Need It

Prospect’s customizable dashboard lets you create data visualizations to help you identify recruitment opportunities, track strategic enrollment initiatives, and ensure optimum workload distribution in real time. Display information based on user access, so everyone on your staff can see what’s most relevant for their own work.

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