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25Live and LYNX have been great during our reschedule of Fall classes for Covid… it definitely has provided a speedy option for updating our entire fall schedule. 

— Kerrin Hoff, Associate Registrar, Middlebury College


Powerful Tools for All University Scheduling, Publishing and Reporting

25Live® is the one university scheduling software system that simplifies every scheduling task, from quick room searches and requests to the most complex scheduling and publishing projects. Academic schedulers and event planners can easily search dates and venues, schedule campus spaces and resources, and run institution-wide reports all in one tool. 25Live enables automatic publishing of events to online calendars and digital displays throughout your campus(es).

For Scheduling Professionals

25Live gives users the power to create and manage complex events and courses, assign resources, publish events to calendars across campus, utilize accounting features, run custom reports, make ad hoc room assignments to individual courses or amend existing room scheduling as needed, and more. 25Live is integrated with the Schedule25® Optimizer, the Series25® LYNX Interface, and the X25® master planning and analytics tool, providing the fastest and most comprehensive facilities scheduling and planning system in the world.

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For Basic Scheduling and Searches

25Live is equally well suited for students and basic event schedulers as it is for scheduling professionals. The intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to accomplish basic, everyday scheduling tasks, such as quick room searches and requests, with no scheduling experience. 25Live’s responsive design adapts to different screen sizes and devices, which makes it super convenient for scheduling on the go.

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Mobile Convenience

Mobile Convenience

With 25Live, users can search room availability, create an event, and request space and resources – all from their smartphone or tablet. With just a few taps, you can quickly select and schedule common locations. Support staff and vendors can view task lists, get up-to-the-minute event details, and view facilities scheduling changes on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Your Brand, Your Specifications

Custom branding features, such as the ability to add custom messages and instructions for your users, are included in 25Live. Intuitive controls allow calendars to be fully customized to match the look and feel of the campus website(s) and/or community webpage where they're embedded. With 25Live, you determine the content of your forms, the information you want to collect, and how your events are published.

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