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 We considered about 20 evaluation systems, and only What•Do•You•Think? offered us the flexibility to ask different questions for different types of courses. 

— Rob Anson, Project Manager for Course Evaluation and Professor of Information Technology Management, Boise State University

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Faculty & Course Evaluation

What•Do•You•Think?® is the trusted evaluation and survey system that goes beyond the classroom, with forms for virtually any response gathering application, including self assessment, learning outcomes, accreditation, and more.

Gather Valuable Data Through Adaptable Forms

CollegeNET's Form Builder technology gives you the power to create your own questions for your surveys and questionnaires. Our flexible forms let you target and gather exactly the data you need for more informative evaluations and better planning.

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Create Custom Reports

What•Do•You•Think? includes robust reporting tools for incisive analysis. You can organize your data by specific department, course type, instructor, etc.; view charts showing submitted and declined evaluations; and export your reports for further analysis in PDF or Excel formats. This hosted software system includes our online WebOptics® software and interactive database, which facilitates comparative analysis of business operation and management information.

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Boost Response with Strong Incentives

What•Do•You•Think? gives you the option of making student participation a requirement for receiving course grades. You can also observe real-time response activity and send out reminders as needed.

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The Power of Mobile Compatibility

Responsive Design technology enables What•Do•You•Think? Web forms to adapt to any electronic screen. They're easy to read and complete anytime, anywhere, via computer, tablet or smart phone. This kind of convenience helps response rates soar.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What•Do•You•Think? is a paperless system that eliminates manual processing. You save thousands of dollars in paper, scanning, printing and associated labor costs.

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Enjoy Top Security and Outsourced Maintenance

What•Do•You•Think? is a SaaS system hosted by CollegeNET on our secure servers. It requires no installation or maintenance by your IT staff. CollegeNET adheres to the strictest security and data protection guidelines of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and is SOC2 compliant. Read More...

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