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Video Interviewing for On-Campus Hiring


Video Interviewing for

On-Campus Hiring


Video Interviewing Revolution

StandOut® video interviewing maximizes efficiency and opportunity and ensures excellent hiring decisions across your campus. StandOut frees up on-site interviewing time and enables consistency in questioning, side-by-side comparisons, and collaborative decision making. And it supports your efforts to provide broader access and fairness in hiring.

Save Time and Resources

StandOut saves you money and time by simplifying administrative workflow and reducing the loss of time and expense of missed interviews and rescheduling. In many cases it can eliminate in-person interviews all together. And hiring agents and supervisors can review interviews on their own schedules and from any location.

Find Top Candidates

StandOut video technology not only provides hiring agents direct interaction with a broader pool of candidates, it also helps them quickly identify key personal attributes such as self-confidence, communication skills, unique strengths, levels of engagement, and other desirable qualities that a resume or even a phone call often cannot reveal.

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For All Campus Hiring

Robust customizing features enable you to provide questions appropriate to a specific candidate group: students, administrators, support staff, etc. Full administrative controls give you the flexibility to determine access for interviewees, reviewers, content providers, and administrators.

Increase Opportunity

StandOut allows every candidate to be seen and heard, regardless of their circumstances. It provides access and opportunity and supports diversity while allowing students to showcase their strengths. Collaborative questioning and reviewing ensures consistency across interviews, side-by-side comparisons, and fair decision making.


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