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 Our entire application processing went from being very difficult for five staff to manage to a seamless, user-friendly system now easily managed by one person. 

— Susan Falendysz, Honors Admissions Coordinator, Calhoun Honors College, Clemson University

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The Student is the Application®

Powered by our patented Universal Forms Engine® (UFE®), the ApplyWeb® online admissions system makes it easy, smooth and convenient for your prospects to submit inquiries, admission applications, and other forms; pay application processing fees; and request letters of recommendation and credentials. Applicants receive step-by-step instructions for completing applications, via NetCounseling® and NetCounselor® web-based services. Applicant Portals provide students with secure, 24 x 7 online access to their application status, checklist and decision.

Designed to Fit Your Needs

ApplyWeb provides optional forms and features to meet your institution’s unique requirements. You can include forms for student housing, parking, administrative workflow, and general inquiries. Automate and streamline related administrative processes to better serve your students. Use the ApplyWeb self-service features to make quick and easy edits directly to your application. Our team of developers, Account Managers, and support specialists is standing by to help you with the rest.

Verified Credentials Are Just a Click Away

CertiFile® provides schools complete, authenticated academic records and other documents for both domestic and international applicants. Applicants can initiate electronic delivery of their documents directly through your ApplyWeb application or their status page. Verified documents are automatically imported into your Admit application evaluation system and matched with the corresponding application form for easy access by your admissions staff. Learn More...

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Letters of Recommendation

The ApplyWeb Letters of Recommendation (LOR) system simplifies the recommendation process for students, recommenders, and your admissions staff. Applicants initiate requests and send reminders to recommenders directly through the application form. Recommenders create an account to see all their LOR requests, complete and submit recommendation forms with or without attachments, and review recommendations they’ve submitted. Completed recommendations are automatically attached to the corresponding applicants’ file, easily accessible to your staff.

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Video Admissions — See and Hear Your Candidates

When you choose to embed the ApplyCam® video feature into your application form, you enable your applicants to directly record video responses to your questions. ApplyCam lets you easily create video scripts and review recorded applicant interviews on your schedule. Now you can develop a stronger impression of each applicant while eliminating appointment scheduling and student travel costs.

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Stay in Touch with Your Applicants

The ApplyWeb CRM for Admissions includes powerful communication and form processing tools – including our patented Triggers® and E-Sponse® functions – that enable you to reach subgroups, send automated emails, and personalize the admissions experience for students. HumanForm® communication technology enables you to deliver relevant, personalized information to applicants as they’re completing applications and other forms. Better communication is just one of the many ways ApplyWeb improves your admissions recruitment and processing.

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