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CollegeNET Launches Tablet-Ready Version of Admit Application Evaluation System

Admit Reader Allows Users to Access the Evaluation System on the Go, with Any Tablet

Portland, Ore., August 6, 2013

CollegeNET, Inc., a leading provider of Web-based on-demand technologies for higher education, announced at its 2013 CollegeNET User Conference the release of Admit Reader, a new tablet-ready version of its Intelligent Connections® Admit application evaluation system.

The Admit application evaluation system is a secure SaaS service that enables all authorized personnel to evaluate applications and record their comments and scores from anywhere with Internet access. It provides powerful workflow management tools that allow each department to manage groups of applicants and customize the evaluation process according to individual departmental needs. Admit keeps all application records up to date and automatically attaches supplemental files submitted separately from the original application, including letters of recommendation and portfolios.

With the addition of Admit Reader, the Admit system provides a simple, streamlined interface for tablet users and facilitates the reading and evaluating of college applications anytime, anywhere, via all brands of tablet devices. Admit Reader allows users to evaluate applications more quickly and offers a superior workflow experience, helping users customize and configure their personal dashboard. With the addition of Admit Reader, the Admit system is now the only mobile-enabled evaluation system with responsive design. This technology enables Admit to retain its format and function across Web-enabled devices, providing a consistent experience for users as they alternate between their desktop, laptop and mobile.

"CollegeNET is devoted to providing college and university administrators the technology they need in the format they want," said Patricia Summers, vice president of marketing at CollegeNET, Inc. "The beauty of Admit Reader is it provides all the time-saving efficiencies of Admit with the additional convenience of tablet capability, regardless of what kind of tablet you're using."

Since its launch in 2010, Admit has provided institutions with the convenience of around the clock accessibility while eliminating paper waste, lowering circulation time and reducing the risk of lost documents. Admit is part of CollegeNET's Intelligent Connections® online admissions application processing and CRM systems for higher education. These systems streamline the entire recruitment and admissions process, from prospect targeting and communication management through submission, decision and matriculation.

For more information about Intelligent Connections admissions systems, please contact CollegeNET at 503-973-5200 or at

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