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Inworks Servicing Signs National Suppliers

Inworks Enrolls Leading National Suppliers to Participate in its Payment Solutions Program Using its Flexible Payment Approach.

Portland, Ore, August 21, 2012

Inworks® Servicing, LLC, a payment solutions provider specializing in healthcare and higher education, today announced the successful enrollment of five major, national suppliers of its clients, as participating suppliers of the Inworks Program.

A participating supplier of Inworks is one that has reached an agreement with Inworks about which of several payment methods will be used to pay its invoices at a particular client, and the terms of those payments. These new participating suppliers are also suppliers of a large portion of the healthcare market in the US.

Previously, these suppliers had not reached agreement with other companies to accept invoice payment by a third party. Inworks’ program is extremely flexible, providing many forms of payment and levels of remittance data to its participating suppliers. These latest enrollees represent some of the largest annual expenditures of many organizations in healthcare and higher education.

Inworks, a leading Payment Solutions Provider, has expanded its platform over the past year, in order to offer attractive payment solutions to all form of suppliers, making it possible to maximize supplier participation in an Inworks' client payables program.

According to Don Carlson, Inworks CEO, "I believe we offer the broadest, most flexible program available in the market of payables solutions. This scope of solutions benefits our clients, and the suppliers of our clients, by meeting their individual needs, and allowing for the precise, accurate, and discretionary timing of payments."

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About Inworks Servicing, LLC
Inworks Servicing, LLC is a company of CollegeNET, Inc., a developer of web-based administrative and accounting technology for colleges, universities and healthcare. Based on 30 years of industry-leading technology the company’s web payment solutions provide a highly secure and reliable vehicle for automated electronic transactions. Inworks combines this technology with specialized healthcare finance expertise to help hospitals and healthcare systems boost efficiencies, maximize working capital and realize incremental income. The company is based in Portland, Oregon.